R5 is a "family" band consisting of brothers Riker(21), Rocky(18), Ross(17), Ryland(16), along with there sister Rydel(20) and their friend Ellington Ratliff(20) who is considered another brother. You can read more about them in the links on this page. The band formed in 2007 although there is controversy that they started in 2009. The truth is they moved to California from Littleton Colorado in 2009. Once there, they met Ratliff in their dance studio The Rage. A while later, the band signed with Hollywood Records. As of now the band has released 2 EPs. 'LOUD' being the most well known due to its recent launch in 2013. The band is set to release it's new first full length album 'LOUDER' on September 24th of 2013.

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