Ellington Ratliff
Ellington with hat

Name Elligton Lee Ratliff
Gender Male
Birthday April 14, 1993
Age 22
Nickname Ratliff

Nationality American
Zodiac Sign Aries

Occupation Actor, musician
Official Twitter ratliffR5

Physical attributes
Hair color Brown

Ratliff's real first name is Ellington, but his band mates quickly nominated him to be known as "Ratliff" so he could complete the band and still have an "R" name, thus keeping the R5 name intact.

Ratliff is the relaxed, comic relief of the band, never getting too worked up about anything, which is a great contributing factor to the bands success. But the real benefit of having Ratliff around is his amazing drum skills. R5 was not really a band until he showed up and then it was like magic, with everything coming together with the sound of those drums. Even though he is not related like the rest of the band, he is still considered family to the Lynch's.

Ellington is also an impressive SAG actor, with a long resume of TV and movie credits and has also been seen dancing.

link to his page on his band website [[1]]


  • It is revealed in a LiveStream, that he prefers the night more than the morning.
  • He prefers shorter girls to tall girls.
  • His first name is Ellington, but known as Ratliff so that every band members' first name begins with the letter "R"
  • plays the drums
  • He is very sarcastic and comedic.
  • His full name is Ellington Lee Ratliff.
  • His birthday is April 14, 1993.
  • He appeared in the pilot episode of "Victorious" as Ian.
  • He plays the drums and vocals.
  • He isn't related to the rest of the members. He is a close family friend, but relates to them as family.
  • His favorite color is dark green.
  • He once wore a penguin suit on stage.
  • He was in the movie "The Muppets" with his mom.
  • He met the Lynches at The Rage and then joined the band once they found out he could play the drums.
  • He once set up a scavenger hunt for a date.
  • He loves Mac and cheese
  • He loves food
  • He has a possible romantic relationship with Rydel called "Rydellington"
  • In 'All Day, All Night' it was proven that he's dating Rydel