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Rocky Lynch

Name Rocky Mark Lynch
Gender Male
Birthday November 1, 1994
Age 26
Nickname Beautiful Boy

Nationality American
Hometown Littleton, Colorado
Years Active 2009–present
Occupation Singer, dancer, musician, songwriter
Official Twitter rockyR5

Physical attributes
Height 6'2 ft
Hair color Brown
Eye color Brown

Rocky Mark Lynch is one of the member of the band R5. He is in this band with his brothers, sister and his friend Ellington Ratliff

link to his page on family website [[1]]


  • It is revealed in a LiveStream, he can spell his name in sign language.
  • It is revealed in a LiveStream, that he prefers the night more than the morning.
  • He has trouble getting up in the morning.
  • He prefers tall girls, but he doesn't mind short girls.
  • He prefers movies to books.
  • He plays lead guitar.
  • He is a key founder of R5.
  • He writes most of R5's songs with Riker.
  • He is known as the "Musical Genius".
  • His favorite band is The Script.
  • His favorite candy is Nerds.
  • He plays lead guitar and vocals.
  • His favorite color is lime green.
  • He taught himself how to play guitar by watching Fall Out Boy videos.
  • He taught Riker how to play bass and Ross how to play guitar.
  • He likes to rap.
  • He checks Twitter when he's bored.
  • He can sleep almost anywhere.
  • Like his brother Ross, he got a outie belly button.
  • He wants to get an R5 tattoo on his arm.
  • He has a tattoo on his upper arm.
  • He has lots of other siblings including Roxane which is his oldest sister.