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Family & R5

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Welcome to the Ross Shor Lynch Wiki

Ross Lynch is a growing pop star with his family band R5 and his new Disney channel show Austin & Ally! He plays "Austin Moon", a 16 year old aspiring singer who became an overnight internet sensation. He is also the star in the Disney Channel Original Movie, Teen Beach Musical.

Did You Know...
  • ...that Ross Lynch and his siblings are from Colorado?
  • ...that Ross Lynch and his siblings are in a band called R5?
  • ...that Julianne Hough and Derek Hough are Ross Lynch's cousins?
  • ...that Ross had been homeschooled for most of his life?
  • ...that Ross, along with his older brother Riker, is in the "Ordinary Girl" music video by Hannah Montana?
  • ...that Ross Lynch got his middle name, Shor, from his uncle?
  • ...that Ross and Laura Marano, his co-star were born exactly a month apart? (Ross: December 29, 1995) (Laura: November 29, 1995)
  • ...that Ross once stated that if he didn't shower before swimming, his hair turns lime green?
  • ...that Riker had the most followers on Twitter, though recently he was beaten out by Ross?
  • ...that Ross' brother Riker plays Jeff the Warbler in Glee?
  • ...that Ross isn't picky when it comes to food?
  • ...that Ross’ favorite color is yellow?
  • ...that each member of R5 has a “signature color”? (Riker: Blue, Rocky: Light Green, Rydel: Pink, Ross: Yellow, Ratliff: Dark Green)
  • ...that Ross was a background dancer alongside with other Disney stars in a music video with Selena Gomez called: "I'm Gonna Arrive" featuring the Sears Arrive Air Band when he was a kid?
  • ..that Ross' favorite kind of pizza is Hawaiian?
  • ...that one of Ross' guitars' name is Luna?
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