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Welcome. You have entered the firing zone. You can now officially partake in a Wiki

Snowball fight text

How it Works
Single snowflake Message me if you would like to participate!

Single snowflake There will be 5 teams (Riker, Rydel, Rocky, Ross, Ratliff)

Single snowflake I will randomly put you on one of the teams.

Single snowflake The snowball fight will end on January 1st.

Single snowflake But up until then, you are free to message me telling me which team you want to hit. You are allowed 2 hits, per day, per person.

Single snowflake That means, if there are 2 people on your team, you can hit another team 2 times (either 1 hit on one team and one on the other, or 2 hits directed towards one team), and the other person can hit a team 2 times.

Single snowflake Get started and take cover!!!

Team Riker
Team Members: To be added

Team Rydel
Team Members:

Team Rocky
Team Members:

Team Ross
Team Members: To be added

Team Ratliff
Team Members: To be added

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